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كلمات قبطية يومية | Coptic Expressions for daily use

كلمات قبطية يومية

Coptic Expressions for daily use

menenca oumys `nehoou
after many days
Acts 1:5
pima etqent eqoun `eouma `nou`ehoou `mmosi
the place which is 1 days journey away
Acts 1:12
eumyn eucop `e]proceu,y
continuing together praying
Acts 1:14
afhei ejen pefho
he fell on his face
Acts 1:18
mou] `e`vran `mpiiohi
name the field
Acts 1:19
qen picyou tyrf
all the time
Acts 1:21
name him
Acts 1:23
`nouho] qen ouho] acswpi
suddenly, it happened
Acts 2:1
ne ouon hanoun
there were some (people)
Acts 2:5
ou pe vai etafswpi
what happened
Acts 2:12
af[ici `ntef`cmy `e`hryi
he raised his voice up
Acts 2:14
`m`vry] an `etetenmeui `erof
not as you think
Acts 2:15
ec`eswpi `nouon niben
it shall happen to everyone
Acts 2:21
sa `eqoun `evoou
until this day
Acts 2:29
icjen swrp
before, earlier
Acts 2:31
ou petennaiaf
what will we do
Acts 2:37
hwb niben nauswp nwou pe qen oumet`svyr
all things, they had in common
Acts 2:44
auini `nnoujij `e`hryi `ejwou
they laid hands on them (captured them)
Acts 4:3
the next day
Acts 4:3
tahwou eratou qen toumy]
set them up in their midst
Acts 4:7
any other (person)
Acts 4:12
`ncecwoun `n`cqai an
they are unlearned
Acts 4:13
nau,y nem iycouc pe
they were with Jesus
Acts 4:13
ny tyrou
Acts 4:16
you judge
Acts 4:19
ne aferhouo =m (`hme) `nrompi
at that time he was over 40 years old
Acts 4:22
] `mmwou ebol
sell them
Acts 4:34
vy `esauouahmef je
which is defined … or which means…
Acts 4:36
ma`hy;ten erwten
pay heed to yourselves
Acts 5:35
ou pe etetennaiaif
what will you do
Acts 5:35
hen y;nou ebol ha nairwmi
stay away from these men
Acts 5:38
] `eqoun `e`hren v]
fight God or oppose God
Acts 5:39
`n`hryi qen naiehoou
in those days
Acts 6:1
pihwb ranan an
it pleases us not
Acts 6:2
aukim de `mpilaoc
they stirred up the people
Acts 6:12
`f,w `ntotf ebol
he stopped
Acts 6:13
an naisop `mpairy]
Are these things so?
Acts 7:1
afws `etyif naf
he promised to giveit to him
Acts 7:5
au,oh `e iwcyv
they were jealous of Joseph
Acts 7:9
af,af `nhugoumenoc `e`hryie hijen
he made him governer over
Acts 7:10
afqwnt `nje `pcyou
the time drew near
Acts 7:17
afiri `nou[i `m`psis `mmof
he avenged him
Acts 7:24
he beheld it, investigate it
Acts 7:32
bwl `mpiywoui ebol
take off the shoes
Acts 7:33
vai petafswpi
This is what happened
Acts 7:38
nast nahbi
Acts 7:51
`nne toi swpi nak qen paicaji
you have no part of this
Acts 8:21
masenak `m`vnau `mmeri
go at noon time
Acts 8:23
ere pai`provytyc jw `mvai eybe nim
The prophet says this about who?
Acts: 8:34
ou pe ettahno `mmoi `e[iwmc
what prevents me from being baptized
Acts 8:36
efmeh `njwnt
being full of anger
Acts 9:1
afer !g `nehoou `mmau
he spent three days there
Acts 9:9
aicwtem eybe pairwmi
I heard about this man
Acts 9:13
afswpi `nhanehoou nem nima;ytyc
He spent some time with the disciples
Acts 9:19
vwrs qarok
make your bed (lit. "spread under you")
Acts 9:34
`mper`[nau `e`i haron
don't delay to come to us
Acts 9:38
ou petsop
what's happening
Acts 10:4
mvwr `p[oic
Certainly not Lord
Acts 10:14
pihwb ou pe etareteni e;bytf
what did you come for
Acts 10:21
af]ma] erof
he met him
Acts 10:25
ic =d `voou sa `eqoun `etaiounou
from four days ago until now
Acts 10:30
twnk `n,wlem
rise quickly
Acts 12:7
aucen ouai `nniqir
they passed one street
Acts 12:10
eta pefhyt i erof
when he came to his senses
Acts 12:11
etafkwlh hiren `vro
when he knocked on the door
Acts 12:13
eta piehoou swpi
when it was day time
Acts 12:18
qen ou`ehoou ef;ys
on a set date
Acts 12:21
`e`vma je
Acts 12:23
pi`svyr `nsans `nte yrwdyc
the childhood friend of Herod
Acts 13:1
au,au ebol
they sent them away
Acts 13:3
sa oucyou
for a time
Acts 13:11
afvwrj ebol `mmwou
he left them
Acts 13:13
say it
Acts 13:15
aretenmeui je anok nim
who do you think I am
Acts 13:25
efnyou menencwi
he is coming after me
Acts 13:25
euyot `mpouhyt
they are persuading them
Acts 13:43
naumeh `nrasi
they were full of joy
Acts 13:52
acswpi qen ikonion kata pairy] rw
the same thing happened in Iconium
au`yre pimys heri
they calmed the multitude
Acts 14:18
auywou] `e nau eybe paicaji
they gathered to consider this matter
Acts 15:6
outwn nemwou
between us and them
Acts 15:9
ce]ma] nemaf
they agree with him
Acts 15:15
acranaf `mpi`pneuma eyouab
it pleased the holy spirit
Acts 15:28
`ntetenerhwb `nkalwc
that you do well
Acts 15:29
Acts 15:29
auyet `phyt `nni`cnyou
they encouraged the brothera
Acts 15:32
afouws `e swpi qen pima ete`mmau
he wanted to stay in that place (same place)
Acts 15:34
ou petsop `mmwou
how are they doing?
Acts 15:36
naf,w `mmwou an
he was not permitting them
Acts 16:7
ankw] `nca `i
we sought to come
Acts 16:10
ouoh ebol `mmau an`i `e
and from there we went to
Acts 16:12
ac[itten `njonc
she persuaded us
Acts 16:15
fortune teller
Acts 16:16
hancaji `nsemmo
strange words
Acts 17:20
nau`cewft `e`hli an
they spent their time in nothing
Acts 17:21
refsamse iq
superstitious (lit. serve demons)
Acts 17:22
`fouyou an
he is not far
Acts 17:27
afsep jwf
he shaved his head
Acts 18:18
qen petehne `vnou]
God willing
Acts 18:21
efqym qen pi`pneuma
being enthusiastic
Acts 18:25
etau`emc y/nou `e`ou
unto what were you baptized?
Acts 19:3
eta hanouon ernasthyt
when some were stubborn….
Acts 19:9
auhitotou `e
they tried to
Acts 19:13
vai afswpi efouonh ebol
this was known
Acts 19:17
aufiwp `n..
they counted …
Acts 19:19
a pauloc ,ac qen pef`pneuma
Paul decided (Paul resolved in the spirit)
Acts 19:21
ete`m`pkw] `nnai
which are the same as these
Acts 19:25
the majority of them
Acts 19:32
af[wrem erwou `ntefjij
he signalled to them with his hand
Acts 19:33
etaf`yre pim/s heri
when he had calmed the crowd…
Acts 19:35
qen ouaciai
Acts 19:36
auohi nan
they waited for us
Acts 20:5
sa `tvasi `mpiejwrh
until midnight
Acts 20:7
efobs qen ounis] `nenkot
sinking into a deep sleep
Acts 20:9
afcwk `mpicaji
he talked for a long while
Acts 20:11
nafiyc pe
he hurried
Acts 20:16
oumetmakarioc te mallon e] ehote `e[i
it is more blessed to give than receive
Acts 20:35
au]vi erof
they kissed him
Acts 20:37
nau`tvo `mmof ejen pijoi
they accompanied him onto the ship
Acts 20:38
kata ouai ouai
in detail (lit. one by one)
Acts 21:19
an `cse nyi `ntaje `hli nak
May I say something to you?
Acts 21:37
`kcwoun rw `mmetoueinin
do you know (I.e. speak) greek
Acts 21:37
ecoi `natouonh ebol an
it is important
Acts 21:39
hina `nce]`mkah nwou
to punish them
Acts 22:5
`m`pkw] `mmeri
about noon time
Acts 22:6
`nyok nim
who are you
Acts 22:7
ou pe]naaif
what should I do?
Acts 22:10
euermeyre qarof
well spoken of
Acts 22:12
amou `n,wlem
come quickly
Acts 22:18
au[ici `ntou`cmy `e`hryi
they raised up their voices
Acts 22:22
ouontef ouhwb `ejof naf
he has something to tell him
Acts 23:17
on the side, or seperately
Acts 23:19
eujem ariki erof
blaming him
Acts 23:29
auouwnh `mpihygemwn qa pauloc
they informed the governer against Paul
Acts 24:1
hina `nta`stemtahno `mmok `nhouo
so I don't hinder you
Acts 24:4
qen ouswt ebol
Acts 24:4
eicwoun `mmok ic oumys `nrompi
knowing you for many years
Acts 24:10
tahe nai eratou
prove these things
Acts 24:13
nac`cse `nce`i nahrak
they should have come to you
Acts 24:19
ouon `ntwou `nouhwb nemyi
they have something against me
Acts 24:19
menenca hanehoou
after a few days
Acts 24:24
aisan[i `noucyou
when I have time
Acts 24:25
`ntefouwrp `ncwf
that he send after (for) him
Acts 25:3
`nlwiji euhors
serious charges
Acts 25:7
`ntefjem ma
that he have an opportunity
Acts 25:16
`mpi`er `hli `n[iho
I didn’t do anything to delay
Acts 25:17
ma `n[i `cmy
Acts 25:23
ouhwb `natcaji
Atcs 25:27
qen oumoun ebol `mpiehoou nem piejwrh
continually night and day
Acts 26:7
oumetaynah] te
incredible, unbelievable
Acts 26:8
mahap qen ;ynou
judge (i.e. decide) in yourselves
Acts 26:8
naimeui eroi `e
I thought within myself to
Acts 26:9
Acts 26:10
`noumys `ncop
Acts 26:11
qen oumethouo
furiously, exceedingly
Acts 26:11
eiqen oulibi eqoun erwou
angered with them
Acts 26:11
ouoh qen nai
in this, or while dothis
ouhwb efnast nak pe `e
a difficult task for you is to…
Acts 26:14
]senvat eqoun qen hancouri
kick against thorns
Acts 26:14
aklibi paule
you are crazy Paul!!!
Acts 26:24
a pimys `n`cqai `yreklibi
much learning has made you crazy
Acts 26:24
Acts 26:28
afiri `noumetmairwmi nem pauloc
he was courteous with Paul
Acts 27:3
`ncefi pefrwous
that they take care of him
Acts 27:3
Acts 27:4
`n`f`cmont an
it is not suitable
Acts 27:12
pisorp `nyws
purpuse or goal
Acts 27:13
Ou;you ef[oci
a strong wind
Acts 27:14
Acts 27:20
qen oulwiji
Acts 27:30
afsastou `e`stemiri `mpoco[ni
he prevented them from doing their plan
Acts 27:43
aukotou catotou
they changed their minds immediately
Acts 28:6
qen oumei `mmetsapsemmo
Acts 28:7
ouon oumyni hiwtf
there is a sign on it
Acts 28:11
af[i `noumetjarhyt
he took courage
Acts 28:15
au]nei naf `nouehoou
they scheduled a day for him
Acts 28:23
his apartment (lit. rented place)
Acts 28:30
nafsop `nouon niben
he welcomed everyone
Acts 28:30
`nsorp men
Indeed first…
Rom 1:8
pameyre pe v}
God is my witness
Rom 1:9
auamoni `ntotou qen ouhwb enanef
they persevered in a good thing
Rom 2:7
Rom 2:11
`h;yk ,y erok
you trust yourself
Rom 2:19
ou je pe `phouo
what then is the advantage?
Rom 3:1
God forbid (lit. it shall not happen!)
Rom 3:4
ou petennajof
what are we going to say?
Rom 3:5
`mmon sa `eqoun `e`ouai
not even one!
Rom 3:12
`mmon vwrj sop
there is no difference
Rom 3:22
eu`ymaio `mmwou `njinjy
being justified freely
Rom 3:24
`n`hryi qen paicyou `nte ]nou
at this time
Rom 3:26
auma`syam erwf
it is excluded
Rom 3:27
tennaep ourwmi je
we conclude that a man…
Rom 3:28
pensorp `niwt
our ancestor
Rom 4:1
foot steps
Rom 4:12
it's empty
Rom 4:14
he considered
Rom 4:19
af`n`hryi qen nau =r `nrompi
he was about 100 years old
Rom 4:19
in due time
Rom 5:6
anhwtp `e`vnou]
we were reconciled with God
Rom 5:10
Rom 6:10
matahe ;ynou
present yourselves
Rom 6:13
ou je
What then?
Rom 6:15
aferhal `mmoi
he deceived me
Rom 7:11
efqyk oube
warring against
Rom 7:23
Rom 8:15
paicyou `nte ]nou
the present time
Rom 8:18
Rom 8:19
the vanity
Rom 8:20
the freedom
Rom 8:21
en,ai niben
all things
Rom 8:32
`mpiehoou tyrf
all day long
Rom 8:36
hei ebol
failed (lit. fell down)
Rom 9:6
au[i`[rop `epiwni `n`[rop
they stumbled on the stumbling stone
Rom 9:32
our report (I.e. record of what we did)
Rom 10:16
sini `mmwi
ask about me
Rom 10:20
aicwjp nyi `n=z `nso `nrwmi
I reserved for myself 7000 people
Rom 11:4
an election
Rom 11:5
`mper[ici `nhyt alla ariho]
do not be arrogant, but be afraid
Rom 11:20
the severity
Rom 11:22
nim afer`svyr `nco[ni nemaf
who was his counsellor/advisor?
Rom 11:33
`ntetensebt peten`cmot
transform yourselves
Rom 12:2
kata `vry] eta `v} vws naf
as God distributed to him
Rom 12:3
qen ]metmaicon
in brotherly love
Rom 12:10
eretenerswrp `n,a neteneryou
preferring one anothering
Rom 12:10
mama `m`pjwnt
make room for the anger!
Rom 12:19
matemmof ma`tcof
feed him give drink to him
Rom 12:20
maren] hiwten
let us dress or clothe ourselves
Rom 13:12
it is dirty
Rom 14:14
he is approved
Rom 14:18
nanec `e `stem ouem af
It is good to not eat meat
Rom 14:21
v/ etoi `nhyt `cnau
he who doubts
Rom 14:23
`c`m`psa nan `ntenfai qa niswni `nte niatjom
We ought to carry the infirmity of the weak
Rom 15:1
ei]`m`vmei nwten
reminding you
Rom 15:15
sini `e prickulla
greet priscilla
Rom 16:3
anok `mmauat an
not only me
Rom 16:4
famous people
Rom 16:7
beware/watch out for
Rom 16:17
cabol `e
contrary to..
Rom 16:17
rek ;ynou cabol`mmwou
avoid them
Rom 16:17
toujincaji etholj
their smooth talk
Rom 16:18
`e`au,arwou erof
which was kept secret
Rom 16:25
oumetcoj pe
1 Cor 1:18
1 Cor 1:19
`fqotqet `nen,ai niben
he searches all things
1 Cor 2:10
1 Cor 3:19
anok oumetkouji n/i te
it is a very small (I.e. unimportant) to me
1 Cor 4:3
qa`thy `mpicyou
before the time
1 Cor 4:5
cecwtem `e
it is reported that…
1 Cor 5:1
stemmoujt nem
not to associate with …
1 Cor 5:9
er ou nyi
what good is it for me?
1 Cor 5:12
1 Cor 6:4
refenkot nem hwout
1 Cor 6:9
ceernofri an
they are not beneficial
1 Cor 6:12
vy ettwmi `mmof `e]porny
he who is joined (I.e. intercourse) to a harlot
1 Cor 6:16
lack of self control
1 Cor 7:5
nane vai
this is good
1 Cor 7:26
`pc/ou `mpwrf pe
time is short
1 Cor 7:29
the rest
1 Cor 9:5
hina `ntajemhyou `m`phouo
that I may benefit the more
1 Cor 9:19
ouai `esaf[i `mpibai
only one wins the prize
1 Cor 9:24
swpi eretenoni `mmoi
be imitators of me
1 Cor 11:1
ousws pe
1 Cor 11:6
1 Cor 11:10
jwc syou
long hair
1 Cor 11:15
]nah] qen oumeroc
I partially believe
1 Cor 11:18
hi ouma
on a place
1 Cor 11:20
kata `vry] etehnaf
as He desires
1 Cor 12:11
1 Cor 12:28
]natamwten `ekemwit `enaaf `nhouo
I will show you an excellent way
1 Cor 12:31
na ]metalou
childish things
1 Cor 13:11
tennanau `nho oube ho
we will see face to face
1 Cor 13:12
1 Cor 14:12
are nai lobi
are these crazy?
1 Cor 14:23
`nceouahcahni nwou an `ecaji
it is not permitted for them to speak
1 Cor 14:34
1 Cor 15:6
`e`pqae `mmwou tyrou
last of all, finally
1 Cor 15:8
amoni `ntotf
2 Cor 1:6
pirasi `mmah!b
2nd favor
2 Cor 1:15
kyn `e
enough for…
2 Cor 2:6
on the other hand, on the contrary
2 Cor 2:7
eueriebswt `m
dealers or merchants of….
2 Cor 2:17
a letter
2 Cor 3:6
qen oumetceb
2 Cor 4:2
`nehoou qa`thy `nehoou
day by day
2 Cor 4:16
tenhi`psemmo cabol `m
we are absent from…
2 Cor 5:6
tenoi `mmaitaion
we are ambitious
2 Cor 5:9
an]lwiji nwten
we give you an opportunity to
2 Cor 5:12
ancihi `nhyt
we are out of our minds
2 Cor 5:13
auertotou qen pourwoutf `mmauatou
they did it voluntarily
2 Cor 8:3
au,ajij ejwf
he was chosen
2 Cor 8:19
enwrf `mmon `e vai
we avoided it
2 Cor 8:20
qen oumys `noumys `ncop
many times (heavily emphasized)
2 Cor 8:22
ouhouo nyi pe fai
it is too much for me
2 Cor 9:1
icjen `cnouf
since last year
2 Cor 9:2
eicabol `mmwten
being absent from you
2 Cor 10:1
ef]heli nwten
terrifying you
2 Cor 10:9
`fna`syam eroi an
he can't stop me
2 Cor 11:10
v] petcwoun
God Knows
2 Cor 11:11
]cwoun `nourwmi qajen =id `nrompi
I knew a man for 14 years
2 Cor 12:2
kyn erok `epai`hmot
my grace is sufficient for you
2 Cor 12:9
`mpi`hros ejen y/nou
I wasn't burdensome to you
2 Cor 12:13
hioui eqoun `nnio]
save up for your parents
2 Cor 12:14
`mpiouaht `nca carx hi `cnof
I did not confer with flesh and blood
Gal 1:16
privately (lit. at a side)
Gal 2:2
`n`fsebiyout `ntot an `n`hli
It makes no difference to me
Gal 2:6
vai `mmauatf
Only this
Gal 3:2
]tamo `mmwten `eymyi
I tell you the truth
Gal 4:16
afoi `n`svyr `n]ma] nem
it is the same thing as…
Gal 4:25
vy ete `nyof pe
whoever he is
Gal 5:10
encwk `nneneryou
provoking/irritating one another
Gal 5:26
cenaelksai `ncwf an
He will not be ridiculed
Gal 6:7
corem `nhyt
to faint
Gal 6:9
ny eyouws `e[i`cken ho
those who want to show off
Gal 6:12
`pcepi `nnai
from now on
Gal 6:17
yamio `njij
hand made
Eph 2:11
`nouyo `nry]
diverse manners
Eph 3:10
]jin `i `eqoun
Eph 3:12
hina `nteten`sjemjom `ntaho
So that you are able to comprehend
Eph 3:18
nicaji etshouit
filthy words or bad words
Eph 5:4
oupeyranaf `m`p[oic
what is pleasing to the Lord
Eph 5:10
ounis] pe
it is great
Eph 5:32
`mper]jwnt `nnetensyri
do not provoke your children
Eph 6:4
`mmon joust `eho nahraf
there is no favoritism with Him
Eph 6:9
`pcepi `nnai
Eph 6:10
moi hi ;ynou
Put on (clothes)
Eph 6:11
ma piywoui eraten ;ynou
put your shoes on
Eph 6:15
`nny eternofri
the excellent things
Phi 1:10
ny etsop `mmoi
the things that happened to me
Phi 1:12
]emi je vai naswpi nyi
I know this will hme
Phi 1:19
my expectation
Phi 1:20
ceamoni `nje picnou]
I am between two
Phi 1:23
arihwb epetenoujai
work out your own salvation
Phi 2:12
`ntaswpi `nouesen `mkah `nhyt
that I may be less sorrowful
Phi 2:28
anau `e niouhor
beware of the dogs
Phi 3:2
aiouo ei[i
I already took (it)
Phi 3:12
the prize
Phi 3:14
matotk nemwou
help them
Phi 4:3
marecouonh `erwmi niben
let it be known to everyone
Phi 4:5
qen hwn niben ]`tcab/out
I am instructed in all things
Phi 4:12
]jemjom `nhwb niben
I can do all things
Phi 4:13
sini `eouon niben
greet everyone
Phi 4:21

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