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قبطى انجليزى للجميع | Coptic English for All

Coptic English for All

welcome everybody
For the first time on Google Play I present to you a very cool application in Coptic and English ..
I offer this application as a service of love to all our Coptic people outside Egypt in the Diaspora to facilitate them to know the language of their ancestors.
This application helps you to learn more than 300 Coptic words you can use in daily life, as it is suitable for all ages senior and young and is also designed cartoon face to suit children and attract their attention and teach vocabulary in a simple ...
This application contains 7 tabs which are: -
1- Foods.
2- Housing.
3. Occupations and jobs.
4_ human body.
5- Clothing.
6- Furniture.
7- Colors.
I hope you get your satisfaction.
And don't forget to rate it with 5 stars.
Your prayers for me.
Coptic Koogi.
download here

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